Saturday, April 08, 2006


Urubici is a town in the highlands of Serra Geral in Santa Catarina. The main economic activity in Urubici is agriculture, however the town is mingled in a matrix of continuos araucaria forest. It is a great place to hiking and observe nature. Over 300 bird species were recorded only in the upper Rio Canoas. Any wilderness oriented person can find his/her way into spots full of surprises. A hiker going up Espraiados region has good chances of observing King Vultures soaring along the slopes, or over the ridge in Espraiado. He/she can also spot the rare Mantle Hawk perched in a Araucaria close to the walls of many cliffs around the area.

Mantle Hawk perched in Araucaria up Canoas River

The colors of Spring in Espraiado las November 2005.

Urubici is served with many optons of lodges and hotels (


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